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Supplemental IT

Co-Managed & Supplemental IT

Your organization has internal IT, whether that is one person or an entire department. You may be surprised to learn all the benefits of co-managed IT with Facet, and how we can help your business grow by working with your current team!

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Companies with one person in charge of IT may find that their employee spends all their time putting out fires and is left with next to no time for researching newer technologies or up-to-date practices. The truth is, even in a small business, IT is often more than a full-time job (especially when it comes time for large projects and upgrades).

Organizations with a full-fledged IT department often find they need help with a specific need that their current staff doesn’t have the time or expertise to address. Partnering with Facet means that you will always have another full-time IT team backing you up.

Facet is here when you need support that you can count on. True Tech Peace of Mind is knowing that even if your IT manager goes on vacation, or leaves the company, your networks and systems will be taken care of and you won’t miss a beat.

Internal IT and managed services often are presented as an “either-or” decision, but we know that’s not the case. Facet partners with many IT managers or IT departments with great success.

With Facet’s co-managed services, your business can have access to:
• Facet Insight, our powerful monitoring software suite that allows you to see your systems’ health at any time with the click of a button.
• A team of engineers and technicians from a variety of backgrounds to assist you with projects, upgrades, education and more.
• 24/7 support: we take after-hours and holiday calls for your team.
• Flexible support options to fit your business’s needs.
• As-needed time and materials options.
• Email security and spam filtering
• Office 365 backup solutions
• Cybersecurity, hardening and two-factor authentication options

Facet supports businesses of many sizes through our co-managed IT and supplemental IT options. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help your IT team hit their goals and keep your business growing.