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Bloomington IT Consulting & Support Services

Contact the Bloomington/Normal, IL branch of Facet Tech for professional IT consulting, computer system sales, and ongoing support services. The Bloomington/Normal branch of Facet Tech offers a wide spectrum of business IT and computer networking solutions for various types of customers.

The core purpose behind Facet's Bloomington IT consultants is to help your company with its technology and computer system needs, while helping to save time and money during the process. Our Bloomington team of IT consulting experts know that it takes more than a "computer geek" to oversee your company's computer system and overall IT needs.

You need a dependable IT expert who will learn and understand the unique technology needs of you company. These attributes are what separate our IT consultancy teams from the local competition in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. At Facet Tech, we know how to communicate with our customer, we understand their unique business models, and we help to ensure that their IT systems are running at optimal performance.

Address and contact information for Facet Technologies, Inc. in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois
Facet Technologies, Inc.
1700 Parkway Plaza #3A
Normal, IL 61761
Phone: (309) 451-9600

Residential & Home Automation Systems

In addition to serving our commercial clients in the Bloomington-Normal, IL area, we also offer custom-designed home automation systems and residential technology services. Whether you're looking to streamline your home security and monitoring system, or take better control of your home's lighting and entertainment systems, we can help you optimize and automate your home. At Facet Tech, our team of technology experts can help you implement the perfect home automation system to suit your needs and budget.

About our IT Consulting Company in Bloomington/Normal, IL

Since 1989, Facet has specialized in IT consulting and computer networking services for many different businesses in Bloomington and Normal, IL. The central Illinois IT consultants at Facet are committed to serving their clients and helping them stay ahead of their competitors. Facet's team of IT experts designs, implements, and supports various solutions that meet many organizations demands and requirements.

CEDIA MemeberThe Bloomington/Normal, Illinois branch of Facet Technologies is recognized as a proud member of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA). Members of the CEDIA specialize in planning and installing electronic systems, such as networking, automation and communication systems, entertainment systems, and integrated whole-house subsystems (for lighting control, security, and HVAC systems.)

Featured Client

Janis Wetterich

Now that I have Facebook, I have to relate my wonderful experience with Facet! About 1.5 years ago, I was working on my pictures to compile for our oldest son's [high school] graduation. All of a sudden, my external hard drive started glitching, and then it was totally gone!!!! I had years of pictures that were lost! I was in tears. All of these precious memories gone! Since Facet isn't the closest computer store to me, I immediately took the hard drive in to the small computer shop in my hometown. They told me there was nothing they could do. The hard drive was bad, and we had lost our years of pictures! Now I really was in tears!

I called Facet, and they told me to get the hard drive back and get it sent to them. Within a short time, I had all of my pictures restored! Facet was fantastic! Not only did they restore all my pics, but they set me up with a higher quality external hard drive, and gave me the option of backing up my computer and external hard drive with them. Needless to say, I did that right away! These items are too valuable and dear to me to lose again! I will only trust my Facet with my electronics and technology needs!

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