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A Few Benefits of Purchasing an IT Service Contract

business it supportWorldwide IT spending is predicted to reach almost $3.5 trillion for 2017, but that doesn't mean you have to spend that much on an out-of-house IT team. Instead of spending unnecessary money on IT services here and there, you should consider investing in a supplemental IT service contract. Here's why: 

Saving Time 
When you have a service contract and something goes wrong, your IT team will be there and ready to handle it. Instead of having to scour the Internet for an IT company who can service you within the next day or so, you'll have a team of professionals on-hand who can immediately address any IT issues you might be having. In addition, your IT team will already have all of the knowledge they need to complete repairs. Rather than spending hours searching for serial numbers and data, all of those things will already be logged. 

Saving Money 
An IT service contract is an investment, but the long-term cost is far lower than if you simply called a non-contracted business IT support agency every time you ran into an issue. A service contract allows you to forecast the amount of money you'll spend on business IT consulting services annually, which in turn helps your business stick to a cost-effective IT support model. 

Trusted Service Provider 
When you have technical issues, you should be able to turn to a reliable business IT support organization for everything. Under a service contract, you're able to do exactly that. Whether you need network computer support for computer network security or one of your printers is down, being able to trust a single provider with all of your IT needs is ideal. 

Preventative Maintenance 
A big part of the battle with tech is preventing issues before they happen. If you invest in a service contract, you'll be able to ensure preventative maintenance for all of the technology you use in your business. This service is crucial to extending the life of your technology. 

Whether you're working with a lot of tech or you're running with the basics, the benefits of an IT service contract are plain to see. What are you waiting for? It's time to start saving your business time and money.

Word of Mouth

WeaverRidge Golf Club

“We’ve been using Facet for years and are very happy with them. We have even recommended them. Other companies have done work for us in the past, but our Facet technician is always so professional. They do what they say they will do: we get excellent response and communication from Facet, and their quotes and charges are just what they say they will be. Best of all, we are comfortable that if we have an emergency, we’ll be taken care of.”

– Nancy Weaver

WeaverRidge Golf Club
and Weaver Enterprises

Excalibur Seasoning Co.

“Facet Technologies has served our growing needs for many years. Our unique business often demands knowledge of our proprietary systems. Facet maintains a staff that we trust and their response time gives us a feeling of confidence that hasn’t been there with previous providers. With Facet, we get no false promises. A strong family business with the credentials to back them up, we rely on their integrity, honesty, and professionalism daily.”

– Tom Hornstein, President/COO

Excalibur Seasoning Co., Ltd.

The Unland Companies

“As with most small businesses, our employees are dependent on our computer system to perform their work. Facet has served as our system tech for over a decade. They have invested time to understand our automation system. When the occasional system breakdown occurs, they are quick to respond to get us back up and running. They are a true business partner. I would recommend their services to businesses, large and small.”

– Afton Booth, President

The Unland Companies